WWE To Do a Paternity Test To Determine The Father Of Maria’s Son?

Image via WWE

WWE became a mainstream success two decades ago for trying out outrageous storylines with extremely over-the-top segments. The dawn of PG Era meant that WWE couldn’t do such outlandish stuff anymore, but on a few occasions, Vince McMahon does bring back the Attitude Era feel to the product.

The recent Maria KanellisMike Kanellis storyline is in a similar vein, as Maria is pregnant and it is supposedly not her husband’s child. The ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline started out on RAW this week, as Maria pointed out Ricochet, followed by Rusev to be the father of her child.

However, it was reported yesterday that Rusev won’t be revealed as the father eventually, and WWE has someone else planned for the big surprise. WWE continued the storyline on Twitter, by posting a picture of Rusev, Maria and Mike with the caption ‘Who’s the Father?’, and tagged popular reality show ‘The Maury Show’.

The official twitter handle for the program responded to the tweet, and asked WWE to conduct a paternity test. The Maury Show is popular for bringing in individuals and conducting a paternity test.

According to PWInsider, there was a pitch backstage this week to bring in Maury Povich to conduct a paternity test and push the storyline further. It is unclear if and when this segment will take place on RAW.

WWE has been receiving tremendous media coverage recently due to Becky Lynch‘s rise and SmackDown’s move to FOX. If this move materializes, it will be a big deal for the company.

Maria is currently twenty-weeks pregnant with her and Mike’s second child, and her pregnancy has turned into a great gimmick on WWE programming as of late. She even became the first-ever pregnant 24/7 champion a few weeks ago!

Hopefully, WWE has a major surprise planned for the eventual revelation.