WWE to Present a New Lucha Libre Series

WWE is always looking to expand into different territories, and despite competition from All Elite Wrestling, they remain firmly positioned as the top global brand when it comes to professional wrestling.

WWE is planning to venture into the highly passionate Mexican market, with a show on the lines of NXT Mexico. A Lucha Libre series is in the pipeline, according to WrestlingInc.

The NXT brand has become a major point of expansion for WWE, with NXT Japan and NXT India also being discussed in recent times. Apart from this, a second NXT show led by former Evolve writer Gabe Sapolsky is also in the works.

Former WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr’s name is doing the rounds for being key personnel in this brand. Guerrero Jr. worked as a producer for highly successful Lucha Underground.

With several Mexican wrestlers on their brand currently, WWE would love to secure a position in the Southern region.