WWE To Reportedly Tackle AEW’s Wednesday Night Weekly Show With Main Roster Superstars On NXT

AEW is yet to announce the day on which their weekly TNT show will air

Image via Twitter

The pro wrestling community is nearing the WWE vs AEW war as both companies remain steadfast in delivering the first blow.

AEW is yet to announce the day on which their weekly TNT show will air but given their recent trademark filing for “Wednesday Night Dynamite”, it’s very likely that their show will be taking place on Wednesday nights.

WWE, on the other hand, held a meeting with FOX last week during which there were talks of moving NXT to FS1 to counterprogram AEW’s upcoming brand new weekly show on TNT.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon won’t tolerate AEW ratings surpassing NXT’s which is why the idea is to use main roster guys to spice things up on the yellow and black brand.

“As far as competition goes … absolutely the plan is to use main roster guys. If this show goes to head with AEW is to use main roster guys on the NXT show to help boost the ratings.”

It appears that WWE will leave no stone unturned to make sure NXT triumphs over AEW’s show – after all, it’s a matter of pride and prestige and shareholders/sponsors won’t be happy if WWE’s developmental brand gets crushed by Tony Khan‘s promotion.

WWE has used main roster talent on NXT once in a while but that could soon become a regularity, thanks to stiff competition from AEW.

However, there are several loopholes in this whole idea. There’s still no confirmation on whether FOX will allow NXT to go live every week for two hours from 8 PM-10 PM. Furthermore, there’s no word on whether NXT will hit the road like AEW on a weekly basis.

Only time will reveal what plans WWE and FOX are able to chalk out. SmackDown is the topmost priority for both companies at the moment – if The Blue Show can draw impressive numbers, then it will definitely serve as a huge momentum when NXT switches over to FS1.