WWE To Reportedly Use Sarah Logan On Raw Through Her 90-Day Non-Compete Clause

Sarah Logan was among the several names who lost their jobs last week as part of WWE’s latest cost-cutting measures. The billion-dollar promotion, in an effort to recover from the financial damages suffered because of the coronavirus pandemic, laid off several employees on the same day the Florida Government deemed them as “essential business”.

Prior to this week’s Monday Night RAW, Logan was rumored to appear on the show but there was no sign of her in the Performance Center during the three golden hours. However, the former Riott Squad member was mentioned on a few occasions during the show.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Logan was indeed scripted to appear on RAW. The plan was eventually canceled for some undisclosed reason after the show went on air.

“Sarah Logan was actually supposed to be on the show at one or two points on the show, and they were mentioning her name. So the deal is that for some of these talents, and Drake Maverick is another one since they are getting paid for 90 days some of them will continue to be booked. So if Sarah Logan was on the show, which she was not, but she was in fact scripted to be on the show, and after the show started she was taken off the show, don’t ask me why, but people were like, ‘Why do they keep talking about her?’, the mentality is that they can use her for another 90 days and she was going to be on the show and then somebody made the call that she was not going to be on the show while they had all the scripting where they kept mentioning her name. So, that’s the Sarah Logan story. She was not rehired, that’s not to say she won’t but however but I don’t think she will be.

It’s possible that WWE would use Logan in some capacity until her 90-day non-compete clause comes to an end. Unless Vince McMahon has a sudden change of heart, it’s unlikely for WWE to rehire the Gritty Southern Belle.