WWE Trying To ‘Close The Holes’ That AEW Could Exploit

WWE will take every step possible to ensure they stay ahead of the competition

Image via WWE

WWE and AEW superstars have maintained several times in the past that they are not in direct competition with each other. However, with each passing day, both the companies try to one-up each other and win the race.

AEW won’t have it easy in the professional wrestling industry, and WWE will take every step possible to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. AEW’s move to Wednesday nights was quickly countered with a TV deal for NXT.

WWE even premiered NXT two weeks ahead of AEW Dynamite, which gave NXT a headstart and a decent viewership in the first two weeks.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is trying to close all holes which could leave them vulnerable to AEW. WWE is making a slew of changes to its programming, and this will continue in the coming weeks. All these changes are reportedly a part of WWE’s plan to push AEW behind.

WWE is reportedly bringing back pyro for their shows, which is another move aimed at AEW. AEW used pyro in their PPVs in the last few months and it received a good reaction from the fans. WWE has taken note of this and will be reportedly bringing back the fireworks beginning this Monday on Raw.

WWE has built a stacked card for NXT’s October 2 episode, which will be the first episode of the ‘Wednesday Night Wars’. Both AEW and NXT are presented as pure wrestling shows and will serve the ‘hardcore’ segments of the fanbase.

NXT’s first two episodes have been mighty impressive, and both the episodes have raked in over a million viewers. It will be interesting to see what is the viewership of the show next week, as AEW Dynamite will begin its programming on TNT.

The real winner between this ‘war’ will be the wrestling fans, and hopefully, we are treated to great wrestling next week.