WWE Wanted To Make Revival a Comedy Act, Proposed Costumes For The Gimmick Change Leaked

The Revival has finally gotten their release from WWE after being unhappy with the way they were being used.

Despite the duo getting over on NXT as a serious “old-school” tag team, when they were moved to the main roster it seemed that WWE creative didn’t know what to do with them. Rumor had it that the powers that be, including Vince McMahon himself, wanted to change the Revival to a more comedic role.

While fans of the Revival might have a hard time seeing them as a comedy duo, McMahon was really behind the idea.

According to Bodyslam.net, before the Revival was finally granted their release, WWE planned to repackage them into a more comedic team and they have the photos to prove it. Bodyslam.net published a series of images that show the new ring gear that was being conceptualized for the new Revival.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea of making the Revival a “wacky” tag team came about when Dash Wilder tripped during his entrance during an episode of SmackDown last year.

The Revival didn’t really feel the idea and when it became apparent that they were serious about asking for a release, they were taken off TV this February.

Though the two have yet to announce where they will be wrestling, they have already changed their ring names. Wilder is now going by Cash Wheeler and Scott Dawson is using Dax Harwood.

The duo were asked about the released photos and they neither confirmed nor denied that this was indeed what WWE told them they would want from them.