WWE Wants Shayna Baszler On The Main Roster After Survivor Series

Shayna Baszler made Bayley tap to the Kirafuda Clutch in the main event of Survivor Series, helping NXT win the show and stand tall as the most dominant brand in all of WWE. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Baszler’s main-roster call-up to reveal that the NXT Women’s Champion is “wanted.”

“I don’t know, I mean she could lose [the NXT Women’s Title] to Rhea Ripley and go to the main roster. She should go to the main roster at that point, but they may not be wanting to do that now.”

Baszler’s appearances on RAW and SmackDown during the build toward Survivor Series were appreciated by fans who couldn’t wait to see her as a permanent face on the main roster. However, for The Queen Of Spades to come over to RAW or SmackDown, WWE would first require her to drop the NXT Women’s Title to a worthy Superstar.

“I think every hint that I have of later, it’s not like directly told — but, I absolutely have gotten hints about a lot of different things it still seems to indicate to me that Shayna’s wanted on the main roster.”

There are several possibilities for Shayna going forward but WWE must call her up first. For instance, NXT is going through a very interesting phase on USA Network having beaten AEW Dynamite in ratings this past week. It’s safe to assume there wouldn’t be any main roster call-up for Baszler until and unless NXT has completely slain AEW in the weeks to come.

If The Submission Machine is indeed called up during Ronda Rousey‘s return, that might as well set the stage for the mega MMA Horsewomen vs WWE Horsewomen at WrestleMania 36. Again, WWE also gets another stupendous booking opportunity by pitting Baszler up against Rousey at the Showcase Of Immortals next year.