WWE Will Not Be Procuring COVID-19 Vaccines for Their Talent

Considering the fact that they have continued to work in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, WWE talent received some disappointing news from the company with regards to prevention measures.

Though there are now several COVID-19 vaccinations that are available in the United States, WWE will not be procuring any for their talent.

Fightful Select is reporting that WWE talents were informed via the WWE Relations App that the company would not be procuring COVID-19 vaccinations to inoculate talent. In fact, it would be the talents’ “own responsibility” to get vaccinated.

This news was reportedly not received well by the talent, many of who were surprised and frustrated at the news as they had expected that the company would be providing vaccinations.

Given WWE’s insistence on holding shows through this pandemic, talents’ frustration over WWE seemingly not taking every effort to ensure they remain healthy is somewhat understandable.

WWE has already experienced several outbreaks of positive tests among WWE talent as well as among trainees and other employees.

The most high-profile of these positive cases would be the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre who tested positive last week and missed this week’s Raw because of it.