WWE Won’t Publicly Admit AEW Is Competition Despite Calling It A War Internally

AEW is WWE's biggest threat since the death of WCW in 2001

Image via WWE

The pro wrestling community is preparing itself for the mega war between WWE and AEW as both companies look set with their own set of moves and countermoves to slay their rival.

WWE emerged victorious in the historic Monday Night Wars and buried its biggest rival WCW twenty years ago. The once-legendary WCW went out of business in 2001 and WWE has monopolized the entire pro wrestling business ever since.

While Vince McMahon has crushed every other promotion that dared to step up to his company, the nascent AEW led by Tony Khan, is crafted from a completely different fabric.

AEW is still in its early stages and is just two-PPV-old but that hasn’t stopped fans from believing that the upstart promotion is finally going to accomplish what WCW had failed to do, and that is to oust WWE from the top spot. And fans may be right in their thinking; after all, AEW is the only promotion in the last two decades that boasts of a strong financial backing and world-class talent pool – and these two factors are enough to give nightmares to WWE.

Roman Reigns recently claimed that AEW is no competition to WWE. While The Big Dog seemed pretty confident, it appears that all his statements were part of McMahon’s plan. In fact, he didn’t even admit paying attention to Jon Moxley‘s fiery moves, all for a particular reason.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Reigns was just towing the “party line.” That’s because to admit that AEW is competition would actually mean acknowledgment on part of WWE and this makes the entire behind-the-scenes war public.

“They are competition to be sure, and inside WWE it’s talked about that it’s a war and moves are being discussed constantly. But you can’t say that publicly, because doing so makes them bigger competition when it comes to public perception.”

Only time will reveal who gets the upper hand in the business. For now, it’s safe to consider that AEW is gearing up to not only become an alternative but to actually burn WWE to ashes.