WWE Writer Caught Sleeping At Work Is Reportedly An Eric Bischoff Guy

Stevie Long, you’re not fired...yet!


Being a WWE writer isn’t easy – you’ll have to come up with random ideas only to have them rejected by Vince McMahon at the very last minute. So, sometimes the best idea is to take a nap, but your first day at work may not be the ideal time for it.

The Wrap reports that Stevie Long was caught asleep in the writer’s room during his first day at WWE and the credit goes to Michael P.S. Hayes for walking in on the newcomer.

The insider cited Bischoff’s decision to hire Stevie Long, a former “Sons of Anarchy” writer who was found asleep in the writers room by longtime producer Michael P.S. Hayes on his first day on the road with WWE. (Long is still with WWE.)

Long is lucky for not being on the receiving end of Mr. McMahon’s “you’re fired” dialogue on his very first day working for the company. The 47-year-old writer is still employed by WWE.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Eric Bischoff had hired Long during his return to WWE as Executive Director of SmackDown Live.

“One of Eric Bischoff’s first creative moves was hiring Stevie Long as a writer. Long, 47, was the star and screenwriter of “Strictly Sexual,” an independent film that topped a list of the Criterion Collection as Hulu’s Most Popular movie of all-time.”

The fact that Long is under Uncle E’s wing could be the reason why WWE didn’t fire him right away. While Eric himself hasn’t dealt much with creative, he has been quick enough to sign ‘sleeping Stevie’.

WWE recently conducted a creative shake-up ahead of NXT’s move to USA Network on September 18 and SmackDown’s debut on FOX on October 4. Perhaps, The Chairman wasn’t in the mood to fire any writer after the shake-up which could be yet another reason why Long is still on the road with WWE.