WWE’s Immediate Plans for Roman Reigns’ Faction With The Usos

At Hell In A Cell, Roman Reigns reigned supreme over Jey and Jimmy Uso in the brutal “I Quit” Match for the WWE Universal Championship.

The Big Dog applied the lethal Guillotine Choke on Jimmy and forced Jey to quit who complied for the sole purpose of saving his twin brother.

Following the match, Roman’s father and uncle acknowledged the Universal Champion as The Tribal Chief, while the multi-time tag brothers looked on from the ring.

WrestlingNews reports that there have been talks of Reigns running his own stable with The Usos. Although the twins will be reluctant in the beginning, they will eventually fall in line and take orders from The Big Dog due to the latter’s supreme status as the head of the family.

The current plan is to transition Reigns into a megastar of the stature of John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The on-going bloodline storyline will also reportedly witness The Usos winning their fifth SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

It is to be noted that The Usos won’t likely win their next SmackDown Tag Team Titles until early 2021 simply because of the fact that Jimmy still hasn’t received medical clearance. However, it’s expected that Jimmy will return to action anytime between November and January.

The stipulation of the “I Quit” Match at Hell In A Cell was that if Jey lost, then both brothers would have to take orders and acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief. Failing to do so would result in The Usos and their immediate families being exiled from the Anoa’i family.

Reigns’ past as the powerhouse of The Shield makes fans wonder what sort of plans WWE has in store for the reported Samoan faction.

While it’s clear that The Bloodline will be running through everyone in the coming months, it remains to be seen which Superstar(s) can overthrow the Samoan rule on SmackDown.