WWE’s Original Plan For Brock Lesnar’s Attack On Seth Rollins Wasn’t As Brutal

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins was looking for some redemption on Monday Night Raw this week after Dolph Ziggler attacked his friend Shawn Michaels last week on SmackDown Live. The two men went one-on-one in a match that was obviously a ruse to get Rollins into the ring so that The Beast Incarnate could send a message ahead of their SummerSlam clash.

Brock Lesnar went on to F5 Seth Rollins a number of times onto a chair, the ring post and then later headed backstage and continued the attack with a final sickening F5 onto the side of the stretcher that Rollins had earlier been strapped to.

Interestingly, the original plan for this beatdown wasn’t this brutal, according to a report by Brad Shepard, Lesnar was only supposed to F5 Rollins in the ring and then through the announce table, but Paul Heyman made the call to make the beatdown much worse and Rollins then agreed to take the brutal chair shots.

The former Universal Champion was left bloodied in the backstage area when Lesnar walked off and left Arkansas on Monday Night, but recent reports have stated that he has refused to allow WWE to release any information about his current medical condition.

This means that it is unknown as to whether or not Rollins was taken to hospital to have his injuries evaluated or if he headed home and will now take the weekend away from Live Events to prepare himself for next weekend’s showdown against Lesnar.

Rollins could even miss next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which would then lead to speculation that he may not be in Toronto for SummerSlam because of the beating that Brock Lesnar subjected him to. It’s worth noting that Rollins has beaten Lesnar before and he now has almost two weeks to recover which means that despite his injuries he will definitely be part of the show in Toronto on August 11th.