WWE’s Original Plans For Roman Reigns’ Tag Team Partner On Monday Night Raw

Cedric Alexander was not the tag partner as per the original plan

Image via WWE

This past week on Monday Night Raw, Shane McMahon was given the opportunity to choose Roman Reigns‘ tag team partner in a match against himself and Drew McIntyre, so he was obviously in search of the worst person in the building.

McMahon eventually chose the janitor for The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, who was called Gary “The Goat” Garbutt, but this seemingly wasn’t the original plan.

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Even though Cedric Alexander was the man who tried to help Roman Reigns battle the odds on Raw but ended up costing The Big Dog the match, according to a report by PWInsider, earlier in the day the plan was for an enhancement talent from the local area to be revealed as Reigns’ partner, but this idea was later changed when someone pitched that Cedric Alexander could do it instead.

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Alexander hasn’t had a lot of TV time since he moved from 205 Live to Monday Night Raw as part of The Superstar Shakeup and the same report states that he is expected to have a segment on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw post Extreme Rules since he will have to face some kind of punishment for his actions.

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Hopefully, this is the push that Alexander has been waiting for. He lit up 205 Live as the Cruiserweight Champion and could easily be pushed into a mid-card feud under the reign of Paul Heyman.

Another interesting note from Raw this past week is that Gary Garbutt wasn’t a random backstage janitor, he was actually called Kosha Irby and at one time worked for WWE for seven years as their regional director for live events in the Memphis area. Obviously he was in the area and the company thought he was a good choice for the role.