Zelina Vega Reportedly Made More Money From Social Media Than She Did Working for WWE

Zelina Vega was the latest wrestler to be released by WWE. Just 10 minutes before her firing was made official, she tweeted that she supports unionization.

Dave Meltzer said that Vega took a stand against WWE because she was making a lot of money from her Twitch account.

He said that WWE didn’t fire Vega because of her tweet and she already knew about it before the news was made official.

“So, essentially as everyone knows, the talent was given a timeframe to get rid of their Twitch and Cameo accounts. During that timeframe, Zelina Vega didn’t get rid of it and she opened an OnlyFans account.

Meltzer also said some women make more money from social media than they do working for WWE and Zelina was one of them.

“The backstory on this and it’s funny because one person kind of told me when the thing went down that there are a couple of women that are making more money with their social media than they are making with WWE and they are gonna be real interesting and one of those was Zelina Vega.”

“On her Twitch she’s making a lot of money and so it’s like what do you do in that situation and I think she made her choice and they had to fire her and then right before it got out that she was fired she made a tweet about how she supports unionization which she has said before. I mean it’s not like that’s the first time she said that and that did play into some of it and now.”

Even though she has fourteen thousand subs as of the time of writing, thirteen thousand of those were gifted. She also averages only around 300 viewers per stream.

Gifted subs are different than regular subs and most people don’t renew their subscriptions which means Vega has to find ways to keep getting more subs to make enough money to get close to what she made in WWE.