Becky Lynch To Feud Against Bayley On SmackDown Live

Image via WWE

Earlier this week on SmackDown Live, Bayley went up against Charlotte for the chance to challenge Becky Lynch for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Since being called up to the main roster, Bayley has been on Raw where she’s held the Raw Women’s Championship. Many Hugger fans are hoping that the change of brands will open new opportunities for Bayley.

Unfortunately, she’s going to have to wait for a shot at SmackDown’s Women’s Championship as she lost to Charlotte. Nevertheless, Bayley is still optimistic, Tweeting the following:

Bayley isn’t the only one hoping for big things for herself on SmackDown as, this Sunday, her hopeful Tweet was noticed by The Man who responded saying she hoped to face Bayley soon:

If Lynch retains during Money in the Bank versus Charlotte, could this mean a match against the Hugger is next? Or, given as rumors put Bayley in the Women’s Ladder Match, could Bayley win and cash in on The Man? We will have to see.

Becky Lynch is currently scheduled to face Bayley this week on SmackDown Live.