Braun Strowman Could Help Unlikely Superstar To Win Money In The Bank On Sunday Night

Braun Strowman lost his place in the Money in the Bank ladder match this past week on Raw when he was defeated by Sami Zayn after Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin took advantage of the fact that the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation allowed them to interfere.

Of course, McIntyre and Corbin didn’t want Strowman in the ladder match since he would be seen as a much bigger threat than the rest of the field which is why they helped Zayn before he was later thrown back to The Monster Among Men and choke-slammed through the announce table.

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Strowman is reportedly struggling with an elbow injury and has a slight amount of heat backstage following his issues at WrestleMania, which could be two reasons why he was pulled from the match, but a storyline reason could be so that he could help another superstar to win the contract.

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The Money in the Bank ladder match has no rules, so Strowman is obviously going to interfere, but according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, The Monster Among Men’s interference could set up the win for Ricochet.

“Since Strowman isn’t on the show, he would be expected to get involved and play a part in the winner, which in theory would best be served for Ricochet,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Strowman will want the chance to exact some revenge on Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre after their actions on Monday night, which means that even though McIntyre is considered to be a huge favorite for the match, Strowman could help to tip the odds in Ricochet’s favor instead.

The Money in the Bank contract isn’t something that often works out well for faces, which is why many believe that it’s McIntyre’s year, but if Ricochet is able to lift the briefcase then it will be interesting to see if he is given a main event level push this soon.