Braun Strowman Possibly Working Injured?

Strowman doesn't currently have a feud moving forward

Image via WWE

Braun Strowman was part of a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match last night on Raw as he took on Sami Zayn with his place in the Money in the Bank ladder match on the line. Strowman was attacked by Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin throughout the match which helped Zayn pick up the victory and then replace Strowman in the upcoming ladder match on Sunday night.

While it wasn’t much of a shock that Strowman was taken out of the match given how he’s been booked over the past month, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently noted that it could have been because of an injury.

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“You notice Braun’s injured? He had the big band on his arm like you would if you had a thing and your elbow hurts or your bicep is a little bit scary you know you usually put that band down kinda like an elbow pad thing, but he had it up and that usually means that you’d got like a significant bicep or triceps injury.”

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“He’s hurt, I mean he’s clearly hurt, but he’s not hurt enough to be taking time — that’s not why he’s in the match,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Strowman has worked injured before, with WWE managing to put together an entire feud between Strowman and Corbin that allowed The Monster Among Men to defeat The Lone Wolf in a no-disqualification match where he didn’t even break a sweat back at TLC.

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It’s been an interesting few weeks for Strowman, who doesn’t currently have a feud moving forward, but if he is injured and unable to work a full match at Money in the Bank then there is always the option that he could interfere and take out the three men that attacked him last night on Raw in the form of Zayn, Corbin and McIntyre which would clear the path for a shock winner in the annual contract match.