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Will WWE end Curt Hawkins’ losing streak

A big twist could be in store at WrestleMania 35 with Curt Hawkins in the spotlight.

Sky Bet reports that Hawkins could finally break his 2-year-long losing streak on April 7 when he competes in the annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Per the latest betting odds, The Prince of Queens (4/1) is the current favorite to win the battle royal this year at ‘Mania. His streak currently stands at 0-262.

Lars Sullivan (7/1), Aleister Black (10/1). EC3 (16/1), Ricochet (16/1), Andrade (20/1), Braun Strowman (20/1), Pete Dunne (20/1), Bray Wyatt (25/1), Nia Jax (25/1) are in the mix as well.

Jax’s inclusion in the betting odds shouldn’t come off as a surprise.

At January’s Royal Rumble, The Facebreaker entered the Men’s Rumble match by taking out 30th entrant R-Truth. She held her ground for a while but was eventually eliminated by Rey Mysterio after taking signature moves from Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and her eliminator.

WWE hopes for women to wrestle in Saudi Arabia

The second iteration of Evolution may not be announced soon as WWE looks at another bigger option for the women’s division this year.

Rajah reports that WWE is internally in hopes of convincing Saudi Arabia to allow the female Superstars to compete at the November 1st pay-per-view in The Kingdom.

That could be a big ask on part of WWE as the Saudi Arabian government will have to go the distance, both politically and culturally, to decide whether or not female talent will be allowed to wrestle at a show in the Middle East.

The Kingdom may have to provide its women with the same freedom if the female Superstars are allowed to perform at the show which in turn could be a cultural revolution for the conservative country.

However, WWE is leaving the door open for Evolution 2.0 irrespective of its discussions with Saudi Arabia. The company can obviously host the all-women PPV at a later date (post-KSA show), similar to its last year’s schedule.