Dean Ambrose’s Replacement Already Confirmed? Evolution Not Happening In 2019?

Braun Strowman
Image via Twitter

Dean Ambrose has already been replaced on WWE’s upcoming European tour

Dean Ambrose‘s current WWE contract expires next month and it appears that despite the company’s best efforts, the former Shield member has decided that it’s time to part ways with the company that he has been part of for the past seven years.

There have been various reports over the past few weeks that have stated that WWE has tried to use both Roman Reigns and Renee Young to convince Ambrose to stay, but these efforts were in vein.

The Shield had originally been advertised for the upcoming United Kingdom tour in May, which made many fans believe that Ambrose would re-sign.

However, it was recently confirmed that Braun Strowman will be working as an “honorary Shield member” as part of these shows, which is even more confirmation that Dean Ambrose isn’t expected to be part of the company at this time.

Stephanie McMahon refuses to confirm Evolution 2

Stephanie McMahon has been pushing the Women’s Revolution forward over the past few years and finally the women will be making the biggest mark in history when they main event WrestleMania next month.

That being said, there were already rumors that Evolution would not be taking place again this year and in a recent interview with The National, McMahon refused to confirm that the show would be taking place.

For what it’s worth, the women of WWE are expected to be part of the Saudi Arabia shows this year alongside the male members of the roster, which could be why there will be no need for them to have their own show.

The company is working on having the women’s wrestling ban lifted in the country later this year which would allow all members of the WWE roster to be part of their events for the first time.