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Dean Ambrose To Reportedly Be At RAW Tapings

Dean Ambrose To Reportedly Be At RAW Tapings
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The Dean Ambrose – WWE saga continues despite the Grand Slam Champion having worked his final match with the company at last night’s house show in Moline, Illinois.

According to Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite audio, Ambrose is going to be present at Monday Night RAW this week.

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Dean’s gonna be at the TV tapings this week at least Monday so who knows what they’re going to do in a dark segment.”

It does come off as a surprise since The Moral Compass has already wrestled his final match in what was heavily advertised by WWE as The Shield’s Final Chapter. This somehow gives off the vibes that Ambrose’s departure is a work and a major portion of the WWE Universe is of the same opinion.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer opened up on the possibility of Ambrose signing with All Elite Wrestling while noting that the Shield member could “probably come back.”

“He’s had so many farewells it’s not even funny […] It’s different. My gut is that they don’t expect him to go to AEW. They expect him to come back and they wanna make it a big deal and when he’s ready to come back he’s happy to come back and the fans see him as a big star.”

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“He’s burned out and he’s unhappy. If he’s unhappy then whatever he’s unhappy about probably isn’t going to change. If he’s burned out and needs a rest then he’ll probably come back.”

Only time will reveal what Ambrose plans to do next, now that he has openly stated that he can’t be bought.