How Seth Rollins’ Injury Changed RAW Plans, Why Stephanie McMahon Suspended Becky Lynch

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins’ Injury Caused A Number Of Changes On RAW

As previously reported, Seth Rollins wasn’t cleared to wrestle on RAW last night after suffering a back injury, which meant that the company were forced to make a number of changes.

Rollins is expected to miss up to a month of action as the company allows him to heal, which means that he will miss Elimination Chamber in a few weeks time, a show that he was originally set to wrestle on.

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Rollins’ injury forced WWE to change a lot of plans on RAW last night, mostly concerning Kurt Angle.

“My impression was that they were gonna do McIntyre and Corbin against Strowman and Seth at the pay-per-view. Maybe the Kurt thing has to do with a replacement this week and set up whatever they were gonna do at the pay-per-view. Obviously, Seth wasn’t [able to work]. You know Kurt was there it was not a long-term storyline it was something added,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Is Stephanie McMahon Keeping Becky Lynch Down?

As seen on Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch was suspended after failing to agree to be assessed by WWE’s doctors in what was a strange storyline heading into WrestleMania season.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the plan is for Stephanie McMahon to be the heel in this storyline, which is very similar to Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon and will see Becky Lynch held down by The Authority over the next few months.

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“The idea very much is when this gets going that Stephanie is a heel and they are doing — it is the beginning of kind of a Stephanie in a heel thing trying to hold down Becky because they only know one way to do this,” he said via Ringsidenews.

There are also claims that the actions of Lynch following her suspension could also lead to a match between McMahon and The Lasskicker in the near future.