Is The Rock The Reason Why WWE Rescheduled WrestleMania Week?

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The Rock has been at the center of many WWE rumors over the past few months since he’s expected to be returning to WWE for WrestleMania weekend.

Original speculation suggested that The Rock would have been wrestling Roman Reigns at The Showcase of The Immortals, but it appears that these plans have now had to be changed and The Great One could instead be added to the WWE Hall of Fame class.

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It was revealed earlier in the week that WWE had changed the schedule of WrestleMania weekend to put The Hall of Fame Ceremony back on Saturday night rather than Friday and put NXT on the night before and there have been a number of possible reasons for this change floating around.

According to Rajah, this could be because many fans skipped The Hall of Fame ceremony last year and only flew in for NXT and WrestleMania, or because The Rock is expected to be added to The Hall of Fame Class but he couldn’t dedicate three nights to WWE, so instead they only made it two.

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The Rock is a big enough name to make this suggestion and it would make sense for WWE to finally put him in the Hall of Fame after everything he has done for the company and to help raise the profile of wrestling.

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There are so many rumors surrounding next year’s WrestleMania at present that it’s hard to take any of them seriously with more than five months until WWE descends upon New York.

The real reason for this change will be revealed in the coming months, but it appears that the company has some huge plans for next year’s show which is fantastic news for the WWE Universe.