NXT star Lars Sullivan is officially headed for the main roster and WWE already has big plans for the big man once he steps foot on RAW or SmackDown Live. The question currently circulating among fans is which brand Sullivan will actually land on.

On  Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez discussed the question and mentioned former NXT Champion Aleister Black‘s reported main roster call-up in the process.

“Knowing what I know about this company, the big guy is going to RAW, that’ll be Lars Sullivan and Aleister Black will end up on SmackDown. Honest to god, I think that’s where both of them should end up. Because I hesitate to say this, but based on what they’re doing with the video packages and that sort of thing, I don’t think they’re going to screw up Lars. I do think they could easily screw up Aleister Black, so he’s better off being on the two-hour SmackDown show where he has a chance to shine as a main eventer than he does on RAW.”

“Now I don’t know if Aleister Black is coming up at the Royal Rumble. I know we said on the show there was talk of him being called up but he didn’t say when. The next thing you know it’s the Royal Rumble.” – he said via Ringside News

Sullivan’s main roster arrival is being made known to everyone via the hype videos, but Black’s main roster debut could be wrapped as a surprise.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles shocked the entire world with his surprise WWE debut at the Royal Rumble event in 2016. WWE could be aiming to drop such a bombshell come Royal Rumble in January.

EC3 is also reported to be one of the NXT call-ups at January’s Rumble.

Given Black’s mysterious ‘modern-day Undertaker‘ persona, the former NXT Champion’s main roster debut will be best served as a surprise and there’s no platform more ideal than the ever-epic Royal Rumble.