Nikki Cross And Alexa Bliss Could Be Entering A Feud, Plans For NXT Call-Ups

Alexa Bliss
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Will Alexa Bliss be stepping into a feud with Nikki Cross?

Alexa Bliss announced that she would be the host for this year’s WrestleMania on Monday Night Raw, but what WWE didn’t show the watching crowd was Nikki Cross‘ reaction to the announcement.

The former NXT star stated that she was going to ruin Alexa Bliss’ party at WrestleMania because she is never invited to these things. Bliss hasn’t wrestled since February and looks to have gone back to her usual hosting duties, but this could be a hint that the former Women’s Champion could be set to return to the ring in the coming weeks.

Nikki Cross also teased ruining Bliss’ hosting role on The Grandest Stage of Them All, which could definitely lead to a feud between the two women coming out of WrestleMania next month.

The following video was shared as a WWE exclusive, which means that WWE now has the option when it comes to moving forward with the storyline or not.

NXT call-ups finally set to be given a brand?

WWE’s latest NXT call-ups have been floating around both main roster brands over the past few months while maintaining storylines on both SmackDown and Raw.

This is the first time WWE has allowed call-ups to work on both brands since all previous call-ups have been given an official brand as part of their debut or have been called up as part of the WWE Draft.

According to a report by WrestlingInc, the most recent NXT call-ups will be given an official brand as part of the upcoming Superstar Shake-up following WrestleMania.

This could mean that there are a number of other call-ups on the way, or that WWE finally has some long term plans for the main roster’s most recent recruits.