Possible Reason Why The War Raiders Were Given A Name Change

Image via WWE

The War Raiders were one of the biggest shocks of the Superstar Shakeup this past week as the NXT Tag Team Champions made their way to Monday Night Raw but debuted as The Viking Experience.

The name has caused controversy around the WWE Universe since the War Raiders still have unfinished business on NXT and now have to make their return to developmental with a different name which could become confusing for the WWE Universe.

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Many theories have been raised about why The War Raiders changed their name but Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently stated that it has something to do with the company avoiding the term “war” and being able to copyright the name.

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“I don’t think they’ll let the [The Viking Experience] go as physically all-out as they usually do [in NXT]. I don’t understand the name change unless it was ‘We can’t have something with war in it on the main roster.’ Like that’s the only excuse.”

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“The Vikings would be a very standard commonplace name. They need something unique that they can trademark. That’s not the way the company works, they like to have unique things,” he said via Ringsidenews.

The Viking Experience name also opens up the possibility that Sarah Logan could join her husband as part of the team now that The Riott Squad has split since the company has made a huge deal about her Viking background.