Randy Orton Reportedly Offered An Outstanding Deal By All Elite Wrestling

Image via WWE

13-time World Champion Randy Orton has reportedly received an “outstanding offer” from All Elite Wrestling.

On Monday, Wrestle Votes made a groundbreaking announcement that shook the entire pro wrestling community. Although the name wasn’t revealed at first, Sean Ross Sapp spilled the beans later on.

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During Fightful’s post-show, Sapp, while reviewing this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, revealed that it’s none other than The Legend Killer who Wrestle Votes was actually referring to in its tweet.

However, Sapp wasn’t 100% sure if the offer was really made but AEW informed him that they are not tampering with WWE’s talent pool.

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“Now they did not reveal the name and I know who the name is. Now before I get into this, I am not saying that this person was offered a AEW deal. I’m not saying that happened because I don’t know if that happened. In fact, I asked people in AEW about this and I was told, “We are not tampering. We are not doing that. Our approach is fresh and independent is the goal for a majority of our recruitment. What you’re likely seeing is a particular agent trying to leverage more money out of WWE by possibly planting shit like this.”

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“What I was told this afternoon, was that Randy Orton has been openly discussing his willingness to speak with All Elite Wrestling. “

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It’s a pretty interesting scenario with conflicting aspects. As already reported, AEW plans to go hard on WWE’s talents causing Vince McMahon to lock Superstars into hefty and long-term contracts.

At this point, WWE is only offering 5-year contracts to shield themselves against AEW’s probable rampage.

In the coming weeks, Orton’s future will (hopefully) gain more clarity.

The Viper hasn’t had a title run for a while now and it would be too good to believe that WWE is ready to tie him with their very own COO, Paul “Triple H” Levesque with a 14th World Title victory anytime soon. Yes, the figures (inevitably) play a major role in WWE’s agenda to protect the company’s “self-interests.”