Update On Dolph Ziggler’s Future In WWE

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Dolph Ziggler is in a pretty interesting phase of his career right now.

The Showoff has worked quite hard for years to earn the part-time schedule he currently enjoys in WWE. Ziggler recently called his WWE contract as a handshake agreement and announced that he is taking time off from the ring. And a day later, he showed up in the Men’s Royal Rumble match by entering the competition at #28.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gunned down rumors of Ziggler leaving the company and stated that the 6-time Intercontinental Champion is WWE-bound for “years to come.”

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“His name has been announced at some upcoming house shows, but he may not be there. He wasn’t at TV on Monday.”

“We’ll have to wait and see. He says he’ll be taking time off. Then he showed up at the Rumble the next day so who the hell knows what is and isn’t true. He’s under contract, you know he just signed a contract last year. He’s under contract for years to come. So it’s up to the company and how they want to use him.”

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“The one thing I do know is that they did talk to him about becoming a producer and he wants to still wrestle. So that’s kinda where it stands.”

Bryan Alvarez also confirmed the same.

“I don’t know what’s up with Dolph but he did re-sign in the Fall so he’s not going anywhere unless they give him a release, which I doubt.”

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It’s noteworthy how Ziggler continues to entertain fans out of love for the pro wrestling business despite being a mid-card Superstar.

Fans have oftentimes aired their resentment against WWE holding The Showoff back and not pushing him as a main eventer, the ultimate status that looked promising for Ziggler back when he began his journey on the main roster.