Update On Roman Reigns And Kenny Omega’s Royal Rumble Status’

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Will Kenny Omega Be At The Royal Rumble?

There has been a lot of speculation circulating over the past few weeks, ever since Kenny Omega announced that he was leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling but didn’t agree to sign for All Elite Wrestling.

Many fans believe that he is WWE bound, with reports suggesting that he has met up with Triple H and Vince McMahon on a number of occasions and has been offered an impressive contract if he does make the switch.

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Royal Rumble was thought to be the best place for Omega to make his debut, much like AJ Styles three short years ago, but Nick Jackson poured water on this fire earlier today when he confirmed that Omega would be illegally wrestling for WWE if he was part of the event in Phoenix in any way.

Jackson responded to an inbox message from a fan to state that Omega was still contracted to New Japan Pro Wrestling until at least the end of January which means that he has no wiggle room.

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Roman Reigns Set For Rumble Appearance?

Roman Reigns hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since October 22nd when he announced that he was struggling with Leukemia and would be forced to walk away from the company while he received treatment.

Bryan Alvarez recently noted on The Wrestling Observer that Roman Reigns name and character was mentioned a number of times this week on Raw, which leads him to question whether or not Reigns will be part of the show on Sunday night.

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Dave Meltzer seemed to further back up this theory with his response when asked about a Roman Reigns return at the Royal Rumble.

“Not that I’m aware of. I mean, I suppose it’s possible. I mean he could come. It’s not like he’s confined to a hospital bed or anything like that. The last I heard he was training in Hawaii so he’s not at home or maybe he is now, but he wasn’t last week.” he said via Ringsidenews.