Update On Rumors About Ronda Rousey Leaving WWE

ronda rousey
Image via WWE

Dave Meltzer sparked hysteria with his comments on The Wrestling Observer when he stated that there’s a good chance that Ronda Rousey could be leaving WWE after just over a year following WrestleMania 35.

These comments are based off an interview that Rousey conducted back in May 2018 when she stated that she was looking into starting a family with her husband Travis Browne in the near future, so now she’s expected to leave her wrestling career behind or at least take a lengthy break to start these plans.

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The likes of Brie Bella, Maria Kanellis, Mickie James and Maryse have all been able to start families alongside their wrestling careers over the past few years, but it appears that this isn’t actually the case for Rousey.

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TMZ recently reported that the former UFC Champion is contracted with WWE until April 2021 and is super happy with her current set up. This means that even if Rousey is looking to leave the company any time soon, it would only be for a break so that she can start the family that she has been dreaming of over the past few years.

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Rousey could become one of the first women to main event WrestleMania in April and has been one of the biggest attractions in the Women’s Division over the past year, so it’s likely that Rousey would want to end her current contract with WWE before she looks into starting a family.

The Raw Women’s Champion was recently criticized because she cried on Instagram about being away from her family for lengthy amounts of time while she was travelling with WWE, which would only get harder for her if she decided to start a family and then return to the road.