Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Still High On Andrade

WWE could have some big plans for the former NXT star in the future

Image via Sportskeeda

Andrade was called up to the main roster last year, where he was reported to have been someone who Vince McMahon was very high on from the beginning. So much so that there was a rumor circulating that Andrade could have been the man to win the 2019 Royal Rumble, which was later an accolade given to Seth Rollins.

The former NXT Champion has since had quite an interesting stint on SmackDown Live where he’s been accompanied by Zelina Vega and even though he was moved over to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup following WrestleMania, the company opted to move him back because he is currently in a relationship with Charlotte Flair and WWE wants to keep as many couples together as possible.

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This past week on SmackDown Live, Andrade was able to gain some time on the mic ahead of his match against Ali, something that rarely happens since Zelina Vega has always done most of his talking for him, but it was made apparent that his use of the English language is improving.

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Randy Orton interfered in the match between Ali and Andrade and attacked both men, which meant that neither had to take a loss, but Fightful is reporting that the company could have some big plans for the former NXT star in the future since Vince McMahon is still a huge fan of him.

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The site goes on to state that the fact that his English is now improving is one of the dominating factors in why WWE is so high on him, but if Andrade is able to cut his own promos then Zelina Vega could be in a position where she isn’t needed anymore.

Remember, before her time in WWE, Vega was a wrestler for Impact under her real name Thea Trinidad, and she has proved many times over the past few years that she’s able to back herself up in the ring so it could be a good move for both stars in the future for allow them to separate if needed.