Vince McMahon Unhappy With The Undertaker’s Starrcast Appearance, Charlotte Flair And Andrade Are Dating, Corey Graves-Carmella Relationship

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Vince McMahon Unhappy With The Undertaker’s Starrcast Appearance

The Undertaker is scheduled to appear at Starrcast II during AEW’s Double or Nothing weekend in Las Vegas.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that The Phenom’s upcoming Starrcast appearance has made Vince McMahon terribly upset. The harsh reality may have also affected The Chairman’s booking decisions as of late.

“A whole bunch of things have happened in the last week and one of them is whole Undertaker/Vince dynamic, but it had Vince off and because you know there was definite unhappiness about him doing the Starrcast thing and you know why. So there’s that.”

“It’s not that The Undertaker isn’t on the [WrestleMania] card yet as far as I know, but everything changed. They don’t want the perception. They’re not happy about that thing [Starrcast] and they want him — I don’t know that they want him on the [WrestleMania] card, but I know there’s talk of Undertaker on the card, but it’s not like there’s a match set up or anything. It’s one of those things where they’re trying to put something together. Everything is in flux.”

“I thought, ‘Oh [The Undertaker’s] just signing autographs [at Starrcast] it’s a way bigger deal to Vince. The whole idea of you know, Undertaker’s special to Vince and you know, yeah it didn’t go down well with him at all.”

Charlotte Flair And Andrade Are Dating

Chalrlotte Flair and Andrade are reportedly dating.

Although no such official confirmation has come forth in the true meaning of the term, the two Superstars aren’t denying or hiding their relationship backstage or in public.

In response to a recent fan tweet regarding the budding relationship, The Queen gave a playful response.

We’ll see what brews between the two celebs in the coming weeks!

Corey Graves – Carmella Relationship

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard shed some more details on Corey Graves‘ relationship with Carmella.

“So the Corey Graves/Carmella situation was a hot topic at WWE headquarters.”

“So I was told [by a source in WWE] that Corey was really cool and I’m not going to go into some of the personal details that I was made aware of, but essentially the situation was chalked up to life on the road.”

“You’ve read the reports and I don’t know what’s true, you know. Was there an extramarital affair and there was a report that came out saying they’ve been separated for months. I just know what I was told is that Corey’s really cool and you know basically this was just a situation of a casualty of life on the road.”