WrestleMania Main Event Finish Reportedly Botched, WWE Changed The Match Order While The Show Was On Air

Image via WWE

WrestleMania Main Event Finish Was Reportedly Botched

WrestleMania 35 made history in a number of ways last night including Becky Lynch becoming the first ever joint SmackDown and Raw Women’s Champion but it appears that the end of the match was actually a botch.

Lynch had Ronda Rousey locked in a crucifix pin and it was made clear that her shoulder was up following a two count, but the referee continued the count and ended the match. Rousey was visibly livid but Lynch was seemingly supposed to win the match so the pin went ahead and the match came to an end.

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Brad Shepard recently Tweeted about the finish to the main event match where he stated that his source told him that this was not supposed to be the ending.

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WWE Reportedly Changed WrestleMania Match Order While The Show Was On Air

WWE shocked the WWE Universe last night when they brought Paul Heyman out to announce that Brock Lesnar would be competing in the first match of the main show. Lesnar fell foul to this and lost his Universal Championship to Seth Rollins after taking a low blow and three curb stomps, which could have been because this was sprung on him at the last minute.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer WWE were still changing the order of the show while WrestleMania was on air last night.

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“Believe it or not the show had already started. They rearranged the order of the show that [the Universal Title] match would go on after they had already started. It was actually 5:30 local time before the switch was made to put them on first.”

“Hogan, when he was doing his promo had no idea what Paul Heyman was doing when he was walking out because when Hogan was told what he was supposed to do, his little shtick that wasn’t gonna happen and I guess nobody told him that they had switched it,” he said via Ringsidenews.