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Former RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss has not yet been cleared by WWE for an in-ring return.

The Goddess of WWE suffered too many concussions within a short period of time causing WWE to pull her from in-ring action prior to Survivor Series. Mark Henry had recently revealed that Bliss is ready to return to action as early as next week, but it appears that isn’t clearly the case.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted that Bliss is taking it a lot slower than Henry had actually hyped.

“What I heard about Alexa Bliss is she will probably remain out until Royal Rumble. Watch her wrestle next week on RAW, but anyway, that’s what I was told.”

“The Performance Center has a bunch of rings, but one of the rings they’ve got, the entire ring is a crash pad. So when you hear that Alexa Bliss is taking light bumps and that sort of thing, she’s not even bumping in a real ring right now. At least as of last week, she was taking bumps on the crash pad and they were making sure she could bump on a crash pad without I guess ending up with vertigo.”- he said via Ringside News

Alvarez revealed it’s a “bad situation there” and later on confirmed that Bliss hasn’t yet been cleared for her return to in-ring action.

The 5-time WWE Women’s Champion can still make weekly appearances on Monday Night RAW in her newfound authority figure role that requires her to manage the women’s division on the red brand. RAW is currently being run by heels and General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin has done a pretty good job in turning the babyface tide upside down. Bliss is yet to join the party.

If Alexa manages to get cleared by Royal Rumble, she could make her return in a huge fashion by entering the Women’s Rumble Match as a surprise entrant. Her entry at #30 would be the icing on the cake.