WWE Planning Huge WrestleMania Match For Shawn Michaels?

Shawn Michaels
Image via WWE.com

Shawn Michaels is widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of WWE. He is a WWE Hall of Famer and despite not stepping in a wrestling ring for more than eight years, Michaels made his return as part of Crown Jewel last month.

Michaels and Triple H were victorious over Kane and The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia, but Triple H was injured in the process and was recently forced to undergo surgery for a torn pectoral muscle. 

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Michales stated that he was going back to reality following the match, but was always expected to be part of WrestleMania. 

According to Joe Peisich on a recent episode of Barnburner‘s No Holds Barred podcast, the current plan is for Michaels to face off against Daniel Bryan at the Showcase of The Immortals. 

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“Also look for penciled could be Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan. Student against teacher for WrestleMania,” he said via Ringsidenews

There have been a number of matches rumored for Michaels in recent months including The Undertaker, AJ Styles and even Triple H, but it appears that this could be one of the best ideas, since WWE have always made a point of reminding the WWE Universe that Bryan was trained by the WWE Hall of Famer all those years ago. 

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The fact that Bryan is now portraying a heel character on SmackDown Live could work well with Michaels as the babyface coming back to the ring to put Bryan back in his place, if that’s what the company decides to do.

It is unknown as to whether or not Bryan will have the WWE Championship at this point or not.