WWE Reportedly Had Huge Plans For Dean Ambrose At Royal Rumble

Image via WWE

Dean Ambrose refused a new contract with WWE a few weeks ago and has since opted to walk away from the company when his current deal expires after WrestleMania.

The former World Champion could technically leave much sooner if the company has nothing creative for him, but while frustrations with the creative have definitely been the main instigator in this decision, there could be another reason behind his choice as well.

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According to a post by WrestleVotes, there was a huge surprise being planned for the WWE Universe at the Royal Rumble, one that was believed to be Nia Jax‘s involvement in the men’s Royal Rumble match, but that is now not the case.

WrestleVotes recently stated that the huge shock was supposed to be surrounding Dean Ambrose, but these plans were obviously changed last minute and that could be why there was no huge swerve or twist to end the pay-per-view.

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Ambrose instead entered the Royal Rumble at number 14 and lasted 13 minutes before he was eliminated by NXT star Aleister Black.

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It was hoped that Black would then be called up to the main roster to open up a feud with Dean Ambrose but Black didn’t feature on Raw last night and The Moral Compass of WWE was instead forced to lose to Seth Rollins before he was rudely attacked by Nia Jax.

It’s been a rough few months for Ambrose ever since he came back to WWE in August, and it appears that everything that he’s been through over the past few years when it comes to injury and personal issues outside of the ring, have finally become too much for the former World Champion.