WWE Reportedly Planning For A Huge Surprise At Royal Rumble

Image via Youtube.com

WWE’s first pay-per-view of 2019, Royal Rumble will officially ring the bell for WrestleMania season. While WWE is yet to close 2018 with Sunday’s TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, it appears that the company has already penciled a huge surprise for January’s Rumble.

The Road to WrestleMania officially kicks off on the night of January 27 as Rumble comes to a close. With WWE holding two 30-Superstars Royal Rumble Matches – one for the men and the other for the women- the winners of the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 will gain a significant advantage at the event.

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It was earlier reported that the winners of Season 2 of Mixed Match Challenge will enter the Rumble at #30. This actually takes away the suspense that WWE builds throughout the big over-the-top-rope elimination match.

Dave Meltzer discussed the matter on Wrestling Observer Radio noting that WWE could always change the final entry spots if there’s a big surprise already on the table. After all, #30 is a huge entrance spot to spoil a month early. 

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“I smell a swerve in that number 30 men’s spot. They have to, because I can’t imagine they’re gonna do the whole Royal Rumble and everyone knows R-Truth is coming out at number 30. Or you know, who’s the other choice? Jinder. It ain’t gonna be him. Whichever one, I think we’re  gonna get a big surprise. I don’t know who it’s gonna be but I can’t imagine — I could be dead wrong — but I can’t imagine doing a whole Royal Rumble and then number 30 [be either Mahal or Truth].”

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It’s quite clear that neither Mahal nor Truth have anything to actually surprise the WWE Universe at the Royal Rumble. Both men have been largely irrelevant in 2018 and don’t quite seem to be the ideal ‘candidate’ for the 30th spot.

WWE could be actually planning something really big and Mahal/Truth is actually a mask that the company might be planning to use to elude fans till January 27.

And when it’s finally Rumble time for #30, be prepared to see the cat jump out of the box!