WWE Reportedly Planning A Push For Raw Superstar Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews

WWE often decides to pick superstars that they want to push forward in the company so that they can latch themselves onto a decent storyline. This doesn’t always work since the company often provides superstars with pushes and the WWE Universe decides that they don’t actually want certain stars in the positions that WWE wants.

This happened with Batista when he made his return to WWE back in 2014 as well as Bobby Lashley when he returned to the company following WrestleMania last year.

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Of course, there have been a few success stories as well and it appears that Apollo Crews could be an interesting one since he’s been underused ever since he was promoted from NXT.

Crews was made part of Titus Worldwide alongside Dana Brooke and Titus O’Neil, where the group were mainly seen as jobbers, but since their split Crews has been the one to come out looking like a star and put on a fantastic match against Dean Ambrose last week on Raw.

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Mike Johnson recently stated on PWInsider Elite Audio that he thought WWE were thinking of pushing Crews heading into WrestleMania season, but it could be a slow burn push since he’s set to enter the Royal Rumble in less than three weeks time.

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“They seem to want to do something with Apollo Crews. Maybe he’s on a slow burn because he is going to be entering the Royal Rumble. I feel like there’s a lot more potential to him and I worry that they’ve kind of used him so poorly that he’s never going to recover,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Crews could be a dark horse in the Rumble and given that he’s one of the most athletic stars on Raw, he could definitely be someone who could make some history as part of the biggest match of the year.