WWE Reportedly Re-Writing Raw Superstar Shake-Up Due To Travel Issues

Becky Lynch
Image via TheRingReport.com

WWE has been promoting tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw for the past few weeks.

Since it’s the beginning of the Superstar Shake-up, ratings are expected to be high for tonight’s episode of the show, but according to John Pollock from Post Wrestling, the company has been forced to re-write a number of segments for the show because of travel issues.

According to the Twitter update, a number of WWE superstars have had issues traveling from the United States to Montreal, because of delays and issues at airports, which has left the company with no choice but to write them out of the show.

There is no word yet on how this will affect the show overall or the direction that WWE were hoping that the episode would take, but this can’t have been the way that WWE hoped the show would be going since this is the start of the build towards SummerSlam and after the reaction to WrestleMania the company needed a boost moving forward.