Aalyah Mysterio Not Signing a Full-Time Contract, to Continue Part Time Deal

Aalyah Mysterio has made several WWE appearances over the past few months and is an integral part of the storyline between Seth Rollins and her brother Dominik Mysterio.

Aalyah hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the 2020 Draft and it’s raised questions about the 19-year-old’s current WWE status.

Steve Carrier of RingSideNews has confirmed that WWE is not looking to sign Aalyah to a full-time contract at present, but she will continue to appear on a pre-appearance basis.

The site went on to state that Vince McMahon loves Aalyah and this news could change down the line if the company opts to sign her to a deal like her father and brother.

The youngest member of the Mysterio family is still in college, and at present so it appears that this deal works better for her since it allows her to continue with her education as well.

Dominik, Rey Mysterio, Murphy, and Seth Rollins are not yet part of WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this weekend, but it will be interesting to see if this changes on Friday night.

Aalyah could also make her first appearance on SmackDown if the company decides to continue the storyline between Aalyah and Murphy.