Aleister Black Reportedly Banned From Travelling To Saudi Arabia Because Of His Tattoos

WWE travels to Saudi Arabia on June 7th

Image via WWE

WWE travels to Saudi Arabia on June 7th for their third show in The Middle East but much like Crown Jewel back in November, the company has had a number of issues ensuring that their entire roster makes the trip.

Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens have already stated that they won’t be making the trip over with the rest of the WWE roster. Kevin Owens’ reasons are reportedly undisclosed while Daniel Bryan is seemingly offended by the way that homosexuals are treated in the country and much like Crown Jewel, he has declined the opportunity to perform.

Another superstar that won’t be making the trip over to The Middle East is former NXT Champion Aleister Black. The star is known to be covered in tattoos that are slightly satanic and while The Wrestling Observer has reported that it’s unknown whether it was WWE or the Saudi Arabian government who have banned him from making the trip, his tattoos are seen as offensive so he’s not allowed to perform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“This was not his choice. This was a choice made for him. I don’t know if it was made by the Saudi Arabian government or it was made by WWE because they didn’t want to offend the Saudi Arabian government.”

“The deal with him is that his tattoos apparently have some religious connotations that the belief is will offend the host of the show so they don’t want him going. That’s the Aleister Black story,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Despite not being allowed to perform, it’s thought that if Black was given the option to be part of the show he would probably decline it anyway since there are differing reports when it comes to how involved Saudi Arabia’s government was in the 9/11 terror attacks, where Black’s wife Zelina Vega’s father was one of the thousands of victims.

Sami Zayn is the only other WWE star who is banned from the country since he is of Syrian descent and given their on-going war with Saudi Arabia, he isn’t allowed to be part of Super ShowDown either.