Brock Lesnar Expected To Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract At Super Showdown

Brock Lesnar
Image via Twitter

Brock Lesnar shocked the world when he became the eighth man in this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match and was able to win the contract. Lesnar wasn’t announced before the show and was reportedly hidden from everyone backstage in Connecticut until the end of the show when he came out and knocked Ali off the ladder before retrieving the case for himself.

It’s confusing to think that Brock Lesnar is someone who needs the Money in the Bank contract to get a title shot, but on Monday Night Raw Lesnar was teasing cashing in is contract on either Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston in the near future.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer noted that Lesnar is expected to be part of the company’s upcoming show in Saudi Arabia on June 7th, which means that regardless of which Champion he decides to cash in on, it will take place in Jeddah.

“At the end of the show they actually instead said that Brock Lesnar’s gonna say who he’s gonna wrestle whether it be Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston next week what he’s going to do which I’m figuring is just going to be the match in Saudi Arabia that he was always going to do anyway,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Paul Heyman noted that Lesnar would be present on Raw next week because he was going to continue to tease that he will cash in on either the Universal Champion or the WWE Champion, so this could be something that comes down to the wire.

Lesnar isn’t someone who’s expected to cash in ahead of time and have his match announced, so the most likely scenario is that he will wait until Kingston or Rollins have finished their matches and then cash in and become the ultimate opportunist once again.