Brock Lesnar To Reportedly Win Universal Championship On Monday Night RAW

So much so for Rollins' maiden Universal Title reign!

Image via WWE

Mr. Money In The Bank 2019, Brock Lesnar will be cashing in his briefcase against WWE Universal Championship Seth Rollins this week on Monday Night RAW.

Lesnar is already advertised for WWE’s upcoming Super ShowDown pay-per-view but he doesn’t have any opponent yet. This is exactly where things get interesting and a likely title change pops up on the horizon.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Brock could be closing RAW as the 3-time Universal Champion courtesy of a successful cash-in.

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“I think he’s winding up with the championship by the end of the night. I just don’t know which one. Each one of them does have an opponent [at Super ShowDown]. Seth Rollins does have Baron Corbin. Kofi Kingston does have Dolph Ziggler. I don’t think anyone will cry if either of those matches are changed.”

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Last week on RAW, WWE did an angle where Lesnar was made to act like he didn’t know that he’s got one full year to cash-in the Money In The Bank briefcase until Paul Heyman read out the terms of the contract.

With The Beast now set to cash-in this early, it’s very unlikely that he would be unsuccessful in his attempt.

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“Obviously the Dolph Ziggler match with Kofi Kingston was not planned to be changed because they wouldn’t have done all of this just to do it they wouldn’t have brought him back. Corbin feels like it was something thrown together at the last minute even though they were going to go in that direction.”

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“You know they’re flying by the seat of their pants.”

On the other hand, NXT Superstar Matt Riddle has vowed to ruin Lesnar’s cash-in. If that happens, then WWE can easily have Lesnar take out/replace Corbin to challenge Rollins for the title at Super ShowDown.

Lesnar is booked for the June 7th Saudi Arabian PPV and it’s very unlikely that he will be walking in as anything less than a champion.