Enzo Amore On His WWE Run: “I Don’t Live With Any Regret”

Eric Arndt a.k.a Enzo Amore unceremoniously quit WWE in 2018 after being accused of sexual assault. However, his heat with WWE began well before those allegations due to his habit of being too vocal and rubbing people the wrong way backstage.

The Real One was the reigning 205 Live Champion at the time the sexual assault allegations surfaced on social media. WWE soon vacated the title and Enzo was released.

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Although Enzo didn’t have the size to go toe-to-toe with Superstars in the ring, his mic skills are what made him a breakout star in WWE. His fiery promos and sticky catchphrases soon pushed him up the ranks and WWE soon made him the face of the Cruiserweight Division. Needless to say, 205 Live gained a lot of attention with Enzo running the show.

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On Keeping it 100 with Konnan podcast, Amore was asked about his WWE stint and whether he regrets any of his decisions during his time in the company.

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“Honestly, no. Not at all. I don’t live with any regret. I opened up every single NXT show for two-and-a-half years. We were held on to NXT in a time that was any longer than our peers. We watched every single one of our peers get called up that was on the show that we debuted in from NXT. Every one of them left. We were in locker rooms where we were watching the core number of people that started with NXT on the road. Then they held on to us for as long as they did,” said Enzo.

Amore and his tag team partner, ex-Superstar Big Cass once enjoyed the main roster spotlight in WWE. Both men had very promising careers but neither could reach the pinnacle of success due to the early (and unfortunate) firing on part of Vince McMahon.