Goldberg Loses To The Undertaker In The Main Event Of WWE Super ShowDown


The Undertaker and Goldberg faced of against each other for the first time in their career in the main event of WWE Super ShowDown. The Deadman was the last man standing in disappointingly short match.

The match started with a long face off between the legends. Goldberg mocked Taker with a throat slash gesture and immediately delivered two spears.

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Goldberg’s head was bust open after hitting the turnbuckle when The Undertaker dodged a running shoulder block in the corner. This was the turning point of the match as Taker went all offensive with his move sets.

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Taker delivered his trademark strikes, Old School to the back of Goldberg’s head, chokeslam and a tombstone, but Goldberg still managed to kick out at two.

After countering a big boot with a spear, Goldberg tried to deliver a JackHammer but botched the move.

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Goldberg then attempted a tombstone piledriver but Taker fell to the ground when trying to reverse it into another Tombstone. Undertaker then hit a chokeslam for the win.

The entire match lasted only for 8 minutes and 30 seconds and Undertaker’s expression after the match clearly showed disappointment.

With a combined age of 106 years, the power moves clearly did not work for either of them. The crowd was still cheering for both men and it was finally good to see them go against each other in the ring.