Monday Night Raw’s Abrupt Ending This Week was Reportedly Approved by Vince McMahon

Monday Night Raw this week was the final chance for the red brand to build towards Hell in a Cell on Sunday night and many members of the WWE Universe have noted that the show ended abruptly.

Just as Drew McIntyre was about to get his hands on Randy Orton inside the cell, the screen faded to black and there was a belief that WWE ran over once again and the show was cut.

According to PWInsider, this actually wasn’t the case. Drew McIntyre closing the Cell door was the ending that Vince McMahon approved.

“The closing of last night’s Monday Night Raw, with Drew McIntyre closing the door on the Hell In A Cell went off the air as it was envisioned. We’ve had a few readers ask if perhaps the company was running late with the segment and ran out of time, but we have been told by multiple sources that the ending we saw was the ending Vince McMahon approved.”

It appears that the company was looking at a way to feed into Hell in a Cell and didn’t want to show the two men fighting inside the structure and give away their hotly anticipated main event.