Original Plans For “Eye for an Eye” Match Were Reportedly Much More Gruesome

Rey Mysterio lost the “Eye for an Eye” match at Extreme Rules on Sunday night after Seth Rollins was able to gauge out his eye.

The rules of the match stated that the winner would have to remove the eyeball from their opponent’s socket which is what the WWE Universe saw when Rollins pushed Mysterio’s already injured eye into the steel steps.

It was quite noticeable that the eye used was fake and that WWE had decided to use it as a prop even though there was only a glimpse of the eyeball before Mysterio was whisked out of the building.

While this has become a hot topic of conversation online since it was revealed that WWE used a $16 prop from eBay as the fake eyeball that was seen under Mysterio’s mask. This could be because this reportedly wasn’t the original plan for the ending of the match.

According to a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the original match taping saw Rey Mysterio wearing prosthetic makeup that made it look as though his eye had actually popped out.

When Vince McMahon looked back at the match he wasn’t a fan of the way it turned out and decided to switch to plan B, which was the ending that went out as part of Extreme Rules.

Johnson also went on to note that the additional medical information from the backstage announce team, where it was thought that Mysterio’s eye could be saved, was WWE’s way of being able to bring Mysterio back to TV if he decides to sign a new deal. The former World Champion is still negotiating a new contract with WWE as of writing.

Mysterio’s son Dominick was expected to make his WWE debut at SummerSlam in this storyline, it’s unknown if Mysterio’s contract issues are the reason that Dominick is yet to have an official WWE match.