Rey Mysterio Reveals The Nature Of His Shoulder Injury

A decision on United States Championship will be taken on Raw next week

Image via Cagesideseats

Rey Mysterio is the current United States Champion after being able to defeat Samoa Joe at Money in the Bank less than a week ago. The former World Champion injured himself in the process which has kept him sidelined, but WWE announced last week on Raw that the situation surrounding the United States Championship will be decided on Raw next week.

Mysterio’s shoulder injury has been assessed over the past week and he recently updated a video on Instagram where he showed the treatment that he’s been going through in order to ensure that he’s able to be at Raw next week.

Mysterio confirms that he separated an acromioclavicular joint in his shoulder as part of his match with the Samoan Suplex Machine last weekend but the treatment he’s now receiving would be that he wouldn’t need to spend much time on the sidelines.

The former World Champion’s career has been plagued by injury but much of the time his knees have been his kryptonite rather than his shoulders.

At WrestleMania, his match with Samoa Joe was planned as a short encounter since he was struggling with an ankle injury and unable to put up with a full match. The company allowed him a rematch at Money in the Bank and this time his injury occurred as part of the match.

Joe was also busted open when a senton delivered by Mysterio landed square on his face, which is why the match was cut short, but the beat down following the match went on as planned.

Joe stated that he wanted Mysterio to hand the title back next week on Raw since his shoulders weren’t down and he didn’t win it fairly, so it will be interesting to see if WWE decides to take the title from Mysterio or announce a match between the two stars in Saudi Arabia.