Ric Flair Rushed To Hospital After “Very Serious” Medical Emergency

Ric Flair
Image via WrestlingNews.com

Ric Flair has reportedly been rushed to hospital after a “very serious” medical emergency. The former 16-time World Champion was taken to hospital in Atlanta on Thursday morning according to a report by TMZ where the site goes on to state that specifics of his condition are now yet known but it is thought to be very serious.

Flair is no stranger to being rushed to hospital since his most recent health scare back in 2017 was considered to be life threatening. The WWE Legend was put into a medically induced coma after his intestines ruptured for 11 days.

Even though Flair doesn’t appear as often as he once did on WWE TV, he is still one of the biggest legends in the company as one of only three two-time WWE Hall of Famers. The last time Flair appeared as part of WWE was as part of the storyline with Triple H and Batista when the company decided to wish him a happy 70th Birthday and brought back a number of famous faces to be part of the celebrations.

Flair didn’t make it out of the locker room since he was attacked by Batista to set up his match with Triple H at WrestleMania, but it was an angle that paid of well since Flair was a major part of Evolution back in the day.

Of course, Flair later appeared at WrestleMania and helped Triple H to exact some revenge on Batista when he handed him the sledgehammer which later sealed the victory, which is why he hasn’t returned over the past month because this storyline was all wrapped up.

There is yet to be any official word on Flair’s situation, but Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com recently Tweeted to point out that the situation isn’t actually as serious as TMZ is claiming.