Sasha Banks Loves Wrestling, Awesome Kong, And The AEW Women’s Match

Image via WWE

The last time we saw Sasha Banks in a wrestling capacity was during WrestleMania 35. Banks is allegedly unhappy with her WWE booking and has been given time off to think.

While Banks may be unhappy with her placement with the WWE, there’s no indication that she’s “given up” or lost her love for wrestling. Her continuing love for wrestling was on full display during a series of Tweets she sent out about the AEW Double or Nothing Women’s Fatal 4-Way Match.

Banks was apparently watching the show as the women’s match was originally supposed to be a 3-way but was changed with a surprise appearance from Awesome Kong. Banks promptly tweeted that she loved Awesome Kong.

Before the Tweet about Awesome Kong, Banks also sent this simple message about her feelings for the “business”

After the match, she sent out a congratulatory Tweet to the women involved.

Still no word as to Banks’s status with the WWE however.