WWE Considering Two Interesting NXT Superstars For Main Roster Call-Up

Image via WWE

Saturday night at Takeover: XXV, Shayna Baszler was able to retain her NXT Women’s Championship when she went to battle with Io Shirai, before Adam Cole picked up the NXT Championship when he went to war with Johnny Gargano in the main event but now it appears that Triple H could be losing two of his biggest stars in the coming months.

Adam Cole has finally reached the top of the mountain in NXT after pushing for the title over the past year and this could now lead to the breakdown of The Undisputed Era heading into Takeover: Toronto in August.

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This would allow Adam Cole to then make his way up to the main roster since Dave Meltzer recently noted on The Wrestling Observer that he’s someone that could be a hot commodity on the main roster.

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Shayna Baszler is the other name that the company is looking to take up to the main roster and her current storyline could lead to her dropping the NXT Women’s Championship to Io Shirai as part of the next Takeover show on August 10th. Baszler reportedly has the look and character that the company wants on the main roster, but at present both stars are needed on NXT.

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Historically, WWE has made NXT call-ups periodically following WrestleMania and SummerSlam, but this year there were call-ups to Raw to help with the ratings, so it’s hard to see when these two stars will appear on either Raw or SmackDown.

Baszler and Cole have become huge stars in NXT and since the developmental brand has lost so many stars over the past few months it would be harsh for them to take two of their Champions as well, so hopefully Takeover: Toronto won’t be the last Takeover for the two high rising stars.